Originally created and exhibited in 2003 as a netart project, Post-Coitus was an iteration of the larger project Strictly Personal, an ongoing archive of original, collected and appropriated media, including text, images, web pages, video and audio footage, e-mails and chat transcripts. The netart work combines visuals, audio and text that remix appropriated material with original content, including direct scans of artist's own body.

Post-Coitus draws parallels between colonial war and the Western/North American male-dominated erotic imaginary and between capitalism and heterosexism, with an understanding of colonialism-cum-capitalism as shape-shifting, dynamic phenomena that unfold in material planes and in planes of desire. Post-Coitus disrupts the normalizing gaze to push the viewer into a productive chasm where the relations and assumptions underlying the contemporary political dynamics are questioned.

Post-Coitus was remounted on 17 May 2011 in a performance at the Red House Centre for Culture and Debate in Sofia, Bulgaria.