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Originally a netart project created in 2003, this piece draws on an ongoing archive of original and appropriated media, including images from the war in Iraq, direct scans of the artist’s own body and internet pornography. The text plays on the terminology of the “war on terror.” The titles of the pieces are phrases appropriated from Nostradamus’ predictions that came into wider circulation after September 2001 as a popular explanation for contemporary political ills in the U.S.A. It is being staged at the Red House as a performance for the first time. In a workshop prior to the performance, the performers developed the ideas for gestures and text in Bulgarian to connect the piece with the Bulgarian history. During the performance, they whispered their selected texts, thus demanding that the audience get close to them to hear their voices.

Performance at the Red House Centre for Culture and Debate in Sofia, Bulgaria, 17 May 2011. Performers: Nadine Grinberg, Desislava Marinova, Nadya Keranova, Evelina Petrova, Adelina Tomova, Liya Trenovska, Miglena Mihaylova, Yoanna ... Performance and volunteer coordinator: Anguelina Ranguelova. Documentation photography: Babak Salari, Sophie Pachner. T-shirts printed at LogoMagic.